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If You Can't Get Your Visitors to Return

Your Church CAN Grow

By Focusing On These

Four Strategies:

  • Get More Visitors

  • Connect Guests with Your Members

  • Disciple Your Guests (AND Your Members)

  • Deploy Your Congregation as Neighborhood Missionaries

Take Your Church to the Next Level with the

Four Key Strategies for Church Growth

Special Offer



The Four Key Strategies Will Guide You

To Get the Right Processes Into the Right Places

But the question you've been asking is:

How Do I Get First Time Visitors Into the Church?


How Do I Get Them to Come Back Again and Again and Again?

But More Importantly:

How Do I Turn Unchurched, Irreligious People

Into Fully Committed Disciples of Jesus Christ?

The Solution Is At Your Fingertips!

3 Deep Dive Modules

3 Power Packed Videos

3 Lesson – Workbook

plus 2 Bonuses!

Order today and get THESE BONUSES
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Module 1:

Introduction to the

Four Key Strategies

  • Why Preaching Isn't Growing Churches

  • Why Church Events Aren't Growing Churches

  • Why Marketing Isn't Growing Churches

  • Strategies That ARE Growing Churches

Module 2:

Unlocking the

Four Key Strategies

  • The Invite Key Strategy Explained

  • The Connect Key Strategy Explained

  • The Disciple Key Strategy Explained

  • The Send Key Strategy Explained

Module 03:

Implementing the

Four Key Strategies

  • The Role of the Lead Pastor Today

  • Building Your Ministry Team

  • Implementing the Four Key Strategies For ALL Your Teams

If you’re going to grow your church, then what are you waiting for? Let’s face it, the church isn’t going to grow on its own. And it’s probably been a long time since your church saw a growth spurt anyway.

This short eBook pulls no punches and makes no apologies. If you want to grow your church starting today then get the book and pick one, two, or three activities and then get out there and DO them. $35.99 Value.

What have you got to lose … besides your church’s plateau or decline?

  • Chapter 1: Do This With Your Sermons to Grow Your Church Today

  • Chapter 2 :The Facebook Church Growth Secret

  • Chapter 3: If You Have a Church Sign, Do This Today

  • Chapter 4: The Best Place to Fish for Visitors

  • Chapter 5: Leveraging Your Community’s Leaders to Grow Your Church

  • Chapter 6: The Best Club Membership Ever

  • Chapter 7: The Civic Group That’s Invested In Your Church’s Success

  • Chapter 8: The Daily Habit That Pays Quick RewardsChapter

  • 9: Get Actively Involved HeretoGrow Your Church

  • Chapter 10: You Can’t Be In This Alone

​Complementary Admission to the

Growing Church Two-Day MasterClass

Join me with my Elite and Visionary clients as we work through the six strategy journey for moving your neighbors from unbelievers to faithful disciples of Jesus ... and into membership in your congregation.

  • Reaching Out While Reaching In

  • The Main Event

  • The Four Platinum Rules

  • The Get More Visitors Strategy

  • The Keep Your Visitors Toolbox

  • From Unbeliever to Disciple

Your Church CAN Grow

By Focusing On These

Four Strategies:

  • Get More Visitors

  • Connect Guests with Your Members

  • Disciple Your Guests (AND Your Members)

  • Deploy Your Congregation as Neighborhood Missionaries

Take Your Church to the Next Level with the

Four Key Strategies for Church Growth

Special Offer



But Does It Work?

Meet Pastor Linda

"It's working, Bill! Doing 2 adult baptisms on Sunday plus receiving 22 additional confirmed (adult) members and 4 kids! Plus had 3 infant baptisms in the past couple months! God is good and working through your plan!" 🙏🏻 😆

Meet Pastor Scott

"We implemented the Four Key Strategies that Bill taught us and we saw an immediate uptick in our visitor returns. In fact, now that we have some experience with it, we're consistently seeing an 86 percent return rate ... and of those who return, 75 percent of them join the church."

Three Blockbuster Videos and Workbooks

Module # 1: Introducing the Four Core Processes

In today's world, there are few things that will sustainably grow a church.

  • It's not great preaching

  • It's not food pantries or social ministries

  • It's not mass media advertising

And though any of those could be a part of a church's growth plan, if you don't have a sustainable growth foundation in place, all your growth plans will be for naught.

When I first got started in ministry, I was determined to grow my church and transform lives. I attended every church growth class and evangelism seminar I could find. When I went to my first pastorate in a little country church, I thought I was ready.

The "town" I was in had a convenience store, three churches, and a paved street that ended at the driveway of my church. I was undeterred and began doing everything I'd learned to grow the congregation. To my delight, everything I did turned to gold and in three months I'd doubled the size of the congregation.

But six months later, all the growth had evaporated and I had no idea what had happened. All I knew was once there had been a sanctuary filled with new people and then we were back where we started.

It would be a decade later before I realized I had no sustainable processes for:

  • Keeping the visitors flowing in

  • Turning first-time visitors into returning guests

  • Transforming members into neighborhood missionaries

  • Deploying passionate disciples into the community

In this video, I introduce you to the four core processes so you don't fall into the same trap I did.

Module #2: Unlocking the Four Core Processes

As a pastor, you can only do so much. There are only 24 hours in a day and you don't want to spend the majority of that time "managing members" and doing "church stuff" that isn't changing lives.

In this video, I reveal how you can create systems for ...

  • Inviting new people into your church

  • Connecting visitors with your members

  • Discipling pre-Christians and lifetime members – and everyone in between

  • And how to Send your congregation back out into the world to transform your community for Jesus Christ.

Like most pastors, I spent most of my working time either in the office, in church meetings, or visiting and supporting my membership. I didn't have time to do the really important things that I got into ministry for in the first place – to transform lives.

It wasn't until I understood that if I created a simple, scalable system then I could free up my work and ministry schedule so I could actually grow my church.

This video tells you how you can do that too.

Video # 3 Implementing the Four Keys

Imagine a Simple Formula that Shows You:

  • How to free up hours of member management

  • How to turn passive members into passionate leaders

  • How to close the "back door" and hang on those who visit

  • A discipling process that works on members and guests

  • How to transform not only your church, but your community too

Pastor, what if I told you that you are responsible for:

  • ​Every leaky faucet in your church building?

  • The nursery worker who didn't show up on Sunday?

  • The grass growing in the cracks of your driveway?

  • And for the growth or decline of your church?

Every member of your church is looking to you for everything that's going on ... the good, the bad, and the ugly.But just because you're responsible doesn't mean you have to do all the work.

In this video, I'll show you how to get it all done and still have time to do the things you got into ministry to actually do ... to transform people's lives.

If you aren't happy with everything I share with you or my team members' guidance and instructions,

you have 30 days to get your money back.

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